Drone Flight direction

When I fly from one waypoint to the next in Lichi, I can’t set anywhere that the drone only turns at the next waypoint? For example, when I fly over a field, i.e. a mapping function. The drone always turns during the path from one point to the next so that it arrives at the next waypoint already aligned! However, I would like the drone to always be oriented in the direction of flight during the entire mission.
Is there somewhere to set this?

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This happens when you have ‘path mode’ set to ‘curved turns’ AND ‘heading mode’ to ‘auto’ or ‘custom’.

Set ‘path mode’ to ‘straight lines’ and ‘heading mode’ to ‘auto’.

Yordie is probably correct about those settings. What I do to achieve that, rather than changing my defaults, is set an intermediate waypoint. So if from waypoint 1 you want to fly 50 yards north, then make a 90 degree turn to fly east, set waypoint 2 just short of where you want to turn, then set waypoint 3 at the turn. That way, your drone stays pointed at the intermediate waypoint until just before you want it to turn.