Drone crazy after signal lost

Hello everyone. Unfortunately I lost my Mavic Mini 1. The facts are these: - RTH setting on hovering - Maximum distance reached in flight: 750 meters (2460 ft) - Flight in a straight line in a slight climb, clear field between the aircraft and the remote control - freshly calibrated compass - fully charged aircraft battery at take-off - ground air temperature 8°C - high wind (displayed “fly with caution” message) - I never changed my position during the flight. At one point, after the mission with video recording, I launch the RTH function but the drone flies in the opposite direction instead of flying towards me; I cancel auto RTH to perform manual RTH but the aircraft executes the commands in reverse (I follow this on the display). I no longer found the aircraft but I was able to record the last position. Can anyone give me an explanation?

Your drone lost satellites and flew into the wind

I also experienced that the drone was not controlled correctly in litchi, when I pressed forward it moved backward. When I pressed left, it flew to the right. I did not find an explanation for this.

Over 3,000 miles of Litchi missions covered and I’ve never seen that kind of reversed response to pilot inputs. That is really strange and unsettling. Hope I never see it happen or I’ll likely crash while confused about the drone’s odd responses.

I think it was a gps jammer in an urban area.

It was only once. I taxied when I realized that I need to steer in reverse

This does not make sense. You can set the “Signal Lost Behavior” to RTH, Land, or Hover. The only option that should be used is RTH.

Upload your flight log to the Phantom Log Viewer. That should help show what was going on.

Without seeing the logs, all people can do is guess.

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Sounds like your drone was pointing in the opposite direction from what you thought.

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Highly unlikely. That is not how GPS jammers work.

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When a drones looses satelites it goes into Atti mode and flies/drifts WITH the wind, NOT into the wind.


No. The distance was 10 meters, I saw the drone well.

I have been flying for a long time, the drone was trying to fly away, I had to pull the stick all the way to prevent it from doing so, it was moving very slowly.

What’s the difference?

you must have not made sure the drone acquired its new home point and returned to the last known location in its memory i have flown Hundreds of missions never having an issue and the one time i crashed a drone was because i used the above ground setting on a bridge and didnt pay attention to the settings on height changed to negative so that was my error the program performs flawlessly if anything u messed up somewhere look over all ur settings ur anserws there.

I’m a newbie so can’t offer advice but I’m curious. I’ve seen a few posts where pilots appear to have lost drones using Litchi. If you have RTH set in Litchi AND in the DJI App then surely if signal is lost it should return to home? And if your having issues in the Litchi app is it possible to exit the App, run the DJI App and regain control with it.? Like I said…NEWBIE but I have to ask!

I just watched a video on how the drone and RC Controls work if the drone is facing you.
If it’s facing you the controls work in reverse. Makes sense to me…

Obviously Not when the control signal is lost.

When the control signal is intermittend, strange behaviour of the drone can be the result during waypoint missions.
Either exit the waypoint mission and take manual control or:
If you are sure you have set RTH on signal loss, make sure the control signal is completely lost (not intermittend) by pointing the RC away from the drone, placing yourself between the RC and AC, or turning off the RC, and the drone will return (providing there’s no insurmountable headwind).
You can turn on the RC again when your drone comes in sight and take manual control.

Also: you can fly any dji drone without a smart device connected to the RC.

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Could be useful to look at the artificial horizon in the log viewer of Phantomhelp. In the case reported here :
… This horizon gives evidence for a backward flight when the command is “forward” and vice-versa.