Drone at different altitudes at same waypoint before and after interrupting mission to change batteries

I have several long missions planned along a road corridor. We stop during the mission to change batteries. When we resume the mission, the drone is higher in altitude at the same waypoint. any thoughts???

As far as I know, When the bird starts the mission, the home point is zero, from the barometer on the bird. What I found looking at logs etc. 0 is home 100 is 100 meters.

If I wrong please correct me…

Rod …

Mission is planned for 150’ above ground. 40+ waypoints. Elevation difference between waypoint 1 and waypoint 20 is +/-80 ft.

Stop after waypoint 22.

Change batteries.

Take off . enter Litchi. Start mission at waypoint 20. Drone is at around 220’ above ground.

image from flight before stopping

image from after stopping.

same flight mission.

Waypoint heights are always referenced from the power-on (usually take-off) location. When using the “Above Ground” option, it is assumed that the first waypoint is located over the power-on location (or located where the ground elevation is equal to the elevation of the power-on location).

Here is some information about the “Above Ground” option:


Also, it doesn’t matter if it is Litchi or not. When the bird powers up that is zero.

This must be multiple missions (legs) that you run?

If so add or subtract the remaining legs based on the original.

Wow, I hope that makes since to somebody.

If you look at your logs you will see what I’m talking about.


Did his mission get shared? That’s what I want to see.


Thanks, but I looking for is the mission itself, like when you share a mission on the hub and have it marked private off.


ALL above ground altitudes in your (any) mission are relative to waypoint 1.
When you restart the mission at WP22 and tell it to resume at WP20 the drone wil climb to an altitude of 233ft relative to WP22.

The ONLY way to fly the drone at a ‘constant’ 150ft above grond is to devide your long mission into smaller missions.


Delete all waypoints that have been covered allready before restarting the mission again.
You must however have internet connection so Litchi can recalculate all above ground altitudes.
In your case:
At WP22 (where you change the battery), delete waypoints 1 to 19 and restart the mission as normal.

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