Drone altitude when travelling to first WP

Guys is there a way to set an altitude that the drone will fly when flying to the first WP?

Yes, there is. When you create the waypoint flight plan on the Litchi Mission Hub, the altitude that you set for the very first waypoint will be duplicated for all subsequent waypoints UNLESS you enter those later waypoints individually by hand.

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When you press the button to start your mission, your drone will first fly up to the altitude of the first waypoint. Then your drone will fly horizontally to the coordinates of the first waypoint and execute your mission.

If you need to fly over something to reach your first waypoint, you would need to either:

  • add more waypoint to safely guide your drone around/over any obstruction
  • fly manually to your first waypoint before engaging your mission

I have my first and last waypoints very close to my take-off/landing point. That way I have complete control of the aircraft in terms of height. It also means the estimated time for the mission will be more accurate as it includes flying back to my home point.


For the altitude, there is an additional setting allowing you to set an altitude relative to the “Home” point (similar as when editing a single waypoint), relative to the “Current” waypoint altitudes, or relative to the “Ground”.
" Current Altitude" can be used to increase or decrease multiple waypoint altitudes by an offset, for example, if you set the altitude to +30m relative to “Current”, all selected waypoints will have their current altitudes increased by 30m.
When the “Ground” option is selected, Litchi will automatically calculate the correct waypoint altitudes given the ground elevation at each waypoint, using the ground elevation at waypoint 1 as the reference. For the best results and because waypoint 1 is used as a reference, it is strongly advised to place waypoint 1 in a location close to where the drone will take off (i.e. similar ground elevation). This option requires the internet as it uses google elevation data which is only available online.

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Setup an extra waypoint to be a known safe starting point (e.g. location, altitude), can also add an extra at the end, at the safe starting point, can also add a couple of actions such as turn aircraft away to a different POI, take a photo or two, then reposition to initial POI, same at end. Adds a couple of seconds to a mission, however good for putting aircraft in a good known starting point, as well as when going through photos/video to know where a mission start/ends. Also keep in mind telling litchi what waypoint you want to start at.