Download pictures from DJI mini 2

I am new on Litchi, installed only today
Is there a way to download the pictures without removing the SD card?
When I try to open photo gallery on app I get a trimmed message the media gallery is not available for mini 2 yet due t…(can’t see the rest)

you could use DJI fly

From the context of your message I am assuming that you wish to download photos (or video) to your mobile device (as opposed to downloading them to a computer). As Martin said, you could use DJI Fly to view (and download) your photos.

After flying your drone with Litchi, land your drone (leaving it powered on). Close Litchi and open DJI Fly. In the DJI Fly initial screen, select the “Album” icon (lower left). You should be able to view and download photos on the drone from there.


The reason I tried Litchi is because DJI fly stopped working on my Pixel 5

Download ALL DJI Fly App versions here: DJI FLY APP - Google Drive

Old app do not work as well, many people complain now that devices with Android 12 stopped working, so I guess they will fix

there is some issue with the SK of the mini 2 or something similar that should be corrected in future versions of Litchi, I guess

is there a way to download the photos wirelessly from DJI without DJI fly and using SD card? Litchi does not provide the option yet

Mine stopped working on my DJI fly app on Samsung S21. It was working fine for a month and now it wont even open. I’ve the latest apk file from DJI. Only way is to remove SD card for now for the mini 2 until there is a fix by DJI. Hope they fix it soon.

DJI have just released a new version ofv DJI fly for android that resolves the not opening problem, you need to go to the DJI site to download it