Does the software always keep the drone pointed in the shooting direction?

Air 2S. Does the drone ever fly straight down-course with the gimbal skewed to the side, or does it always fly skewed with the camera pointed at the target? Or is there a range where it behaves differently if the two are more aligned or more different?

My drone flies to a waypoint, where it’s supposed to be focused on a POI less than 100ft away. It looks like it hits the waypoint, but I would say it’s pointed 5-10 degrees right of the POI.

I will recalibrate the IMU, the gimbal, and the compass. But I assume navigation to the wpt was accomplished by GPS while the pan to the POI is based on the compass/IMU. I think the drone is where it expects to be, but perhaps it doesn’t know its compass is a few degrees off?

No. Normally, the camera is pointed in the same direction as the drone.

If the drone is at or near the waypoint that references a POI, its heading should point directly at the POI.

I doubt any of those would make a difference. If your compass was miss-aligned you would have more problems than not pointing at a POI.

If you cannot solve this, make the mission public (uncheck the “Private” checkbox) and post the URL here so that we can take a look.

You might want to take a look at this:

Thanks, this is helpful. I will try to apply what I’ve learned here, and I’ll let you know what solves it.