Does Litchi software work with DJI Mavic Mini AND the MOTO G5S Android phone

Before I buy the Litchi offering, can anyone tell me whether this Adroid phone (below) is compatible with Litchi to control the DJI Mavic mini?
Model: MT1SD25
Android Version 8.1.0 - Patch level 1st August 2019
Baseband version: MONTANA_EMEA_CUST
Model: MOTO G5S
Snapdragon™ 430 processor
Sadly, DJI’s own offering doesn’t work with my phone.

yes it does, check out here for all compatible drones, as for the phone I’ve no idea, your post title “Does Litchi software work with DJI Mavic Mini?” is very misleading

OK on the title. Thank you for confirming the drone+Litchi capability. YOu will have worked out I am new to this. Regarding the phone I will see if I can edit the title or repeat the question but focus on th ephone. Thank you for the response and the guidance.

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