Does Litchi For DJI Drones work with Mini 4 Pro?

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I’ve just recently purchased the DJI Mini 4 Pro and I’m interested in making some waypoint missions without using the RC2 (obviously they’ll play back from that).
I came across this app on the App Store (Litchi For DJI Drones) but was wondering if it will work with the DJI Mini 4 Pro that I have?

I see it mentions the Mini 2 but I don’t see the Mini 4 Pro mentioned at all so wondering if perhaps that list just hasn’t been updated for a while?

I’d love to be able to create waypoint missions on either my phone or iPad for the Mini 4 Pro but just wanted to make sure it can work alongside my drone first?

Many thanks for any help with this.

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Short answer: NO

Are you aware that the Mini 4 Pro has waypoint capabilities in the DJI Fly app?

There is a workaround but it takes some work.
-You can use the Litchi Hub to create waypoint missions.

-Then use “Litchi Waypoint Mission to DJI Fly Waypoint Mission”, a tool created by @WesBarris.

A complete overview of all his tools/utilities:

Also called 1-2-3-Litchi-2-DJI-Fly

Thanks both. I am aware you can programme the routes / waypoints in the controller but I was hoping for a desktop app or iOS app to work on hopefully an iPad so I can create them more easily when I’m not at the spot I want to fly in and also don’t have to have the drone powered up just in order to be able to do so.
I’ll have a look at the alternatives thanks.

You have a couple choices. Both of those choices included a “gotcha” or limitation.

  1. You can plan waypoint flights using DJI Fly without having the drone powered on. You just have to go into “Camera View” despite not having the drone connected to the controller. DJI Fly runs on an iPad too. The limitation here is that DJI Fly waypoint missions do not automatically transfer between devices. If you design a mission on your iPad, you would have to manually transfer the mission to your RC2. Also, DJI’s waypoint interface is “clunky”. Compared to Litchi’s interface, DJI’s will feel frustratingly awkward.

  2. You can design a waypoint mission using Litchi’s Mission Hub (free to anyone) on your iPad or desktop computer. You can then export the mission as a CSV file and convert it into a DJI Fly mission using my utility. The limitations here are that I think you can only save a CSV file from Litchi’s Mission Hub if you have purchased the Litchi app and have an account. It’s been so long since I have done that so I don’t know if there is a way to create an account without purchasing the app. You can test that and let us know if you succeed. Also, my utility outputs a KMZ file which has to be manually imported into the RC2 or whatever device you use to fly. For some, this is a big hurdle. For others who are comfortable navigating a file system, this is easy.

Let us know about any progress you make on this.

You don’t have to buy the Litchi app, only to create a Litchi account to be able to save and export waypoint missions from the Mission Hub.

You have to validate any “free” Litchi account with the Litchi app.

(I use this method as an alternative for mission-folders, remember?)

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With a ‘free’ account if you export as CSV you have this message

That’s right. I remember you telling me that a while back. Good to know.

No you don’t.
You only get this message when you’re NOT logged in.

I use several free accounts and are able to export a CSV with every one of them.

I’m logged with a ‘free’ account to do tutorials and I can’t export

You’re correct, a “free” account has to be validated with the Litchi app.

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But then doesn’t the existence of a Litchi app in your possession suggests that you had to pay for it? This implies that a “free” account should maybe be called an “additional” account.

I just want to make sure I understand this. Sorry if I am being dense.

I agree, to avoid misunderstandings we should call them additional accounts, not “free” accounts.