Does LITCHI display longitude/latitude during flight

Hi Everybody

as I use the drone for searching an object, it would be very helpfull to have the coordinates
during flight. DJI App ( DJI FLY ) / drone MAVIC 3 does’nt provide these infos. ( altitude only )

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well you have them. well you have them

Hi paxxa

Thanks for your fast answer; just to make sure we are talking about the same drone;
does LITCHI work with a MAVIC 3 or better do you use a MAVIC 3 ?
( Litchi states that it works with " MOST " DJI drones ?

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You wanted the coordinates of the litchi to show them. As for mavic3, I don’t know.

Hi Roland,

In the Litchi setting you can enable “Show GPS Coordinates”. See the user guide:

However, the Mavic 3 is not yet supported as DJI has not release the SDK yet.

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Hi wesbarris

Thanks for the information ; it is not a surprize that they didn’t release an SDK yet. They also don’t support the Mavic 3 with their own SW ( DJI GS pro )

Unfourtunatelly the M3 is probably one of the best consumer drones at the time…

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