Does Litchi App works on DJI mini 3 Pro?

Hey guys, I’m new to Litchi App. can anyone please tell me whether the litchi app works on DJI mini 3 pro? currently, I’m using DJI Fly V1.9.1(1015).

I already tried. but the system said Aircraft was not connected to the controller. but, it was connected.

anyone, please clarify.

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Y’all owe me a beer for being the bearer of spectacularly good news. Watch this video and you will see why I am deserving of this accolade.

This time it looks like the free beer goes to @Kurt_Greiner for his very quick response to this sudden change in DJI policy.

(Profile - Kurt_Greiner - Litchi Forum)


This was updated literally yesterday. Perhaps this changes things for Litchi and the Mini 3 (Pro), at least on Android


What is the plan for the consumer level aircraft?

The MSDK is gradually prioritising to the enterprise level aircraft, the priority level of product from high to low is enterprise level aircraft > consumer level aircraft > hanheld product. …





This is indeed good news. Especially this part:

We will support Mini 3 Pro and Mini 3 on earily Q2, 2023 in MSDK v5.3.0.

However, this is unfortunate:

There is no plan to support Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Cine and Mavic 3 Classic currently.


No mention of it going on Ios, only on Android

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Dont much care for the channel of this vid. The guy Blocks comments of any thing he deems shinning a bad light on his off vid behaviors. I wont go into it as that would get me Kicked off this platform. Been there done that.

Not really…you can’t do jack on the 3 Pro with the built in screen controller.

Highly unlikely unless DJI allows for apps to be installed onto their controller with the screen (if you have that). Even with the one without the screen, the 3 Pro uses DJI’s SDK to control the drones. There is no way to bypass this and anyone who claims they can is full of it. The only way is to have DJI open up their interface and coding to others in order to allow other softwares to control the drones. For example, there is NO WAY you can do mapping with the 3 Pro or 3.

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A_M your bleak prognosis is depressing to contemplate because I already have a Mini 3 on order that I will ONLY be able to use IF it is possible for the Minni 3 to fly Litchi waypoint missions BEYOND signal range.

If when the dust settles there is no Litchi waypoint mission capability available for the Mini 3, I will sell it off with extreme prejudice, after a few months of waiting in vain for my dream to materialize.

As Bob Marley might sing " I don’t wanna wait in vain for waypoints"

Even though the SDK for the Mini 3 has been announced to be released in Q2 2023, in order for it to execute waypoints beyond signal range would require it to have firmware-supported waypoints. DJI has not mentioned anything about supporting firmware-based waypoints on the Mini 3. At this point, the only thing we know is that once the SDK is released, Litchi will have to ability to write software to support virtual stick waypoint functionality for it.

It is extremely unlikely, that DJI would support firmware-based waypoints on the Mini 3 but only through the SDK and not their own DJI Fly software. If it did, even I might buy one.

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I’m sorry to bring you such negative prognosis but it seems like most of these companies are run by the “woke” types who want ultimate control over their users and clamp down on things because they think they can. Just look at the state of LAANC and permission to fly apps…they are a complete disaster not only GUI-wise but also customer service-wise. Their support is abysmal and they limit what you can and can’t do. Same goes for these drone manufacturers. Interestingly, ALL of these drone makers go through the same hardware and software toolkits and core manufacturers…picking and choosing their options and hardware based on off-the-shelf componentry. DJI included.

DJI has released their MSDK 5.3.0 which adds support for the Mini 3 Pro. How long do we think it would take to add in support? Mobile SDK


@Frederick_Schamberge If the past is any indication, it could take up to a year for Litchi to support the mini 3 once the SDK has been released.

A year? Now there’s a depressing thought to contemplate. I just took delivery of my Mini 3 and was hoping Litchi could work its magic in a couple of months once that fabled SDK was released. Looks like this Mini 3 is going to gather dust after those initial test flights, while I revert back to flying Litchi missions with my older Mavics.

You can use dronelink now

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I did actually acquire a copy of Dronelink, but got turned off by its ponderous complexity in comparison to Litchi’s far more intuitive user interface. I now have a reason to wade through the learning process of that platform, with all its obscure terminology best understood by computer scientists.

I thank you for this timely reminder, sir

Personally I find Dronelink a lot easier to use than Litchi

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Maybe out of sheer desperation, the time has arrived for me to overlook the convoluted menu structure and obscure terminology of Dronelink so as to give it another shot. I do realize that Dronelink relies on that infernal Virtual Sticks protocol which forecloses the chance of any flights extending beyond the RC signal range, but I can always use my older Litchi-fortified drones for those longer forays while restricting the flight plans of the Mini 3 within a mile radius of home.

Meanwhile, I plan to pray fervently to the drone gods, and perhaps sacrifice a few hapless rodents, so that the gods can in turn prevail on DJI to modify the Mini 3 SDK in order for ALL waypoint GPS data to be uploaded to the drone prior to departure on waypoint missions, thus severing the leash that keeps this drone tethered within a mile of home under the penalty of instant RTH whenever that distance restriction is breached.

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In the past, when DJI added support for a new drone to their SDK, Litchi was able extend their support for that new drone rather quickly. This was because the same functions in the SDK would now successfully communicate with the new drone leaving only minor changes, it any, for Litchi to make in their app.

However, with DJI’s move from SDKv4 to SDKv5 it gets more complicated. SDK version 4 (what Litchi is based upon) and SDK version 5 are incompatible. This means that one app (such as Litchi), cannot use both SDKv4 and SDKv5 at the same time. So, any new DJI drone supported by SDKv5, will require that Litchi write a totally new app, based on SDKv5 to support that drone.


It’s a freaking nightmare.