Does follow work in ios?

just got my mini 2, and litchi, doesn’t seem to follow. should it work on ios now? latest updates on all. i see magic lease has an android only statement.

how accurate should a waypoint be? i’m seeing a couple of meters drift.

Follow works great on my mini 2. Also a few meters drift is nothing. It works off gps so could easily be 10m or more out. Don’t risk being too close to things.

not sure what i’m doing wrong; launch in fpv mode, switch to follow, position the drone, hit set by airplane for distance/alt, hit follow, hit go on warning page. then drone starts turning and flies off. it says 4m accuracy.

Accuracy is a calculated figure indicating the accuracy of your mobile device’s gps

Magic leash won’t work with ios.

Follow Mode does NOT work with iPads without cellular, they don’t have a build-in GPS receiver.

In Follow Mode the drone positions itself according to ALL the Follow settings, hence it makes no sense to do this manually beforehand. That’s why it “seems” the drone just flies off in the beginning.

-When Heading Mode is set to ‘North’, the drone knows immediately where to position itself according to compass directions.
-When Heading Mode is set to ‘Course’, you have to be moving (set a course) for the drone to know where to position itself.
Below a sketch to visualize (the compass is only visible in the Android version).

Also read the Online User Guide.

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thanks, tribar. i’ve read the user guide. used to be pretty good at reading comprehension, but that was many brain cells ago

i’ve tried setting to ‘course’ rather than north, and various course settings. i’ve set the distance both from the airplane and manually, with values between 3 and 10 meters. when i send the command to ‘follow’, it moves laterally exceeding the set distance and i kill the mode.

i’ve tried ‘tracking’; i’ve enabled ‘auto’ aircraft rotation, and drawn the box around myself, but when i move i move out of the box and the aircraft doesn’t rotate.

Did you want active track or enable tracking around the object?

hi bpa; i think i expected the drone, when flying stationary and me in the green box, to rotate to follow me as i moved to the side; or to use the up/down gymbal for the camera to follow me as i move toward or away from it. will it do this?

i have no idea why it’s not following. it acts as though it’s seeking a position i don’t think i’m specifying.

i don’t know what ‘active track’ means

These are 2 different functions.
If you need to chase then you need to select the object and press start.

If you want a circular motion, then you need to set the speed in orbit

You also need to turn off any filters for color correction.

The other thing that can affect the optical tracking is using ND filters or anything that possibly effects the contrast of the object being tracked and its background

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no filters used. i start in fpv, switch to track, draw a box around myself, set quality=normal, rotation=auto, joystick=def, speed=75%, orbit speed=1.3%; i have the altitude high enough to not get a warning. when i use the follow button within the track page, i walk out of the box in any direction, the aircraft doesn’t follow, it stays stationary.

i can’t get it to follow in follow mode either; it takes off to the side, doesn’t seem to matter what the settings are; i set distance and height both manually and by aircraft position, when i start the follow, the aircraft departs from that position immediately and i have to kill the follow.

i should add that in track, when i’m in the box, elevating the aircraft causes the gymbal to keep the camera aimed at me.

i notice the mobile device icon moves around on its own?

So is there a place where we can see what the last update has done for our mini SE and other DJI drones. I’ve been waiting for this update so I could use my iOS and switch over from my android.

You do realise that if you have an Android version of litchi, and you decide to use an Ios device that you will have to purchase it again, as they are different licensing systems

Yes I’ve actually purchased both because I needed to use the programs on a mission trip and I knew that the iOS version would not be ready until I got back but now that I’m back I want to set everything up on my phone and iPad

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