Do the Panorams Functiond on Litchi Piloy Beta build 301/May 2024 work?

I got Litchi Pilot beta because ultimately it is supposed to make taking shots to make a panorama easier. Last I looked into it though you could only set flight paths & waypoints, but thatbwasva while ago.

I see there was a May update, maybe some others after the Feb release date. I just did a quick scan of the dovumentation & didn’t see anything.

Therr isva location I’d like to take some picures atbsoon, time & weather permitting. I’ll go ahead and try Litchi Pilot (my first time) if this functionality is now working. If not I’ll just use DJI Fly. I’ll have to refamiliarize myself with Fly.

Does anyone know about the pano functions of Pilot at this time or where things are towards getting thisnworking?


Run Litchi Pilot on your device.
Tap About
Tap Version History

No panoramas and no spell check