Do the Amazon or the Google Play versions differ ? (WRT Tripltek 8 Pro)

I ask because I have a $$$ credit on my Google Play account that is probably 10 years old! :grinning:
Been on IOS but just got a Tripltek 8 Pro that is Android 10 w/Google Play Store “factory” installed… I can go with either but are there any advantages of one over the other ? Would prefer to use the credit.

@TBlazer07, here is some information regarding the differences between the Google and Amazon versions of Litchi. Also some info concerning differences with iOS and Android with Panorama and Magic Leash.
Litchi is available on the Amazon app store for devices which do not support google services. This include devices from brands like Huawei as well as DJI monitors.

Compatible DJI Monitors

  • RC Pro

  • Smart Controller

  • CrystalSky

  • Phantom 4 Adv/Pro V1 Screen

    Panorama Database (iOS only) The Panorama Database lets you stitch, view and share the panoramas you have shot all within Litchi.
    The Panorama Database is not automatically backed up or synced, as such be aware that uninstalling Litchi will also permanently delete the Panorama Database.
    After selecting a panorama in the database, select the desired stitching quality and tap on “Create Panorama” to stitch it within Litchi.


Jul 28

The Magic Leash feature can only be started from an android device (device A).
There’s NO need to install the Magic Leash App on device A.

Device B (with the Magic Leash App installed), can be either Android or iOS.
There’s NO need to install the Litchi App on device B.

@Steve_Amerson Thank you, I do understand that as I read that info previously. My assumption then would be Amazon & Google Play versions are identical other than the fact Amazon version doesn’t need Google services. My point was to find out if there are any feature differences or less support of one version over the other or one is more buggy than the other. I have had the IOS version for years but got a Tripltek 8 Pro tablet and wondering if one version is “preferred” over the other (all other things being equal) since I can get either one…

Edit: Flying am Air 2S if that matters.and the Tripltek is Android 10

@TBlazer07 , I also have a Tripltek 8 Pro and it works fine on the Google version of Litchi. However if you were to use any of the DJI monitors in the future (Smart Controller) you would probably want the Amazon version since it is compatible and Google isn’t.