DJI unbinded drone

Hello, can I use DJI unbinded, blocked drone with Litchi app?

You will need to link your drone with a controller before you can use Litchi or DJI Go platforms. Even if you intend to fly fully autonomous missions with a minimum of controller stick inputs, that link between the controller and your smart device is mandatory for normal operations.

Right now I am fighting the impulse to buy a brand new Mavic 3 Classic going for a price just above a thousand dollars, with just one battery and no controller. Since I have a spare RCN1 controller lying around, that $1K price is tempting. All the same, I’ll hold off until Mavic 3 Classics fall in price to $700 before bite the bullet.

I have bought flyaway drone from ebay, and bought new brand controller. The drone is unbinded from dji account already. And I connected drone to dji controller. Everything seems fine but with dji fly app I cannot fly the app says please bind to dji account and when I trying to bind to my account it says the drone is set to flyaway.

So but if the drone and controller are connected fine I can flight with lichi without binding drone to dji account?

No you can not.

This drone was replaced by DJI using DJI Care Refresh.
Since DJI Care Refresh now also includes flyaways, DJI introduced the Bounding-proces to eliminate misusage of this flyway coverage.
You could say that this drone (and it’s serial number) is now on DJI’s ‘black list’ and will never fly again, regardless which app you use.

Flyaway coverage was introduced by DJI with the Mini 2 on the 26th of Januari 2021.
Affected drones are:
-DJI Mini 2
-DJI Mini SE
-Mavic Air 2
-DJI Air 2S
-DJI Mavic 3 series
-DJI Mini 3 (Pro)
-DJI Mini 2 SE
-DJI Air 3
-DJI Mini 4 Pro
-Future DJI drones with flyaway coverage

(except from DJI themselves).


No it’s not.
You can fly ANY DJI drone without a smart device, just the controller.

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Well, I’ll be. My presumption had always been that while it is theoretically possible to fly a drone without the controller, it is best not to do so whereby the option to “hand-fly” one’s drone remains open in an emergency or when the flight battery is running below 20% and throttle inputs need to be more aggressive during the landing descent.

I didn’t say that.

Besides that, only the Mavic Pro, Spark and Mavic Air can be controlled without the controller (smart device only in WiFi Mode).

My dyslexia strikes again. I’m on the right page now. You were referring to flying DJI drones with the controller alone and with NO apart device connected, which I agree is possible despite my never having tried to do so yet.

And even if I change drone mainboard?

Wow, I had no idea that DJI maintains a no-fly list of drones to prevent abuse of their fly-away replacement policy.

This revelation is important to me because recently I have seen several tempting deals featuring DJI Mavic 3 Classic drones on sale WITHOUT a controller. If my understanding of your caution is correct, any number of such drones advertised for sale with no controller could already have been grounded for life by DJI.

If this is the case, I wonder how eBay, for example, would handle a refund claim for such a drone sold via eBay to an unsuspecting buyer. If buyer protection does not cover refunds on purchases of such non-flying drones, it may be wise to simply avoid such purchases altogether regardless of how attractively they are priced. Now there’s a depressing thought.

That’s what about I talking.

I bought DJI Mini 4 Pro from ebay which was seems set as flyaway in DJI database.

I bought brand new DJI RC-N1 controller and have paired drone with aircraft. The camera controls and drone controls working. But I cannot get it up to fly.

The aircraft are already unbounded from old controller and DJI account. But it says that is set as flyaway.

Now looking what to do for workaround. Maybe to change mainboard or to use such tool to hack or crack it.

Actually now I don’t know…

I think you are another Flea Bay victim. Lots of riff raff on there.