DJI Support for Mavic 3 Pro

As a long time fan of DJI I am very disappointed that we who purchased the Mavic 3 Pro, cannot use either Litchi or Dronelink. I have been purchasing and recommending DJi since 2015. I know of at least a dozen people that have purchased DJI equipment on my recommendation. I addition to recommending the DJI product to people that have walked up to me while I was flying; I have coached new pilots and helped them with their first flights.
I am sorry to say that until DJI offers their SDK as they have done in the past, I will no longer recommend DJI equipment. I don’t understand the sudden change in DJI policy. It seems unfair to those of us who have been loyal customers for many years. I alone have purchased six drones from DJI and countless accessories and batteries. I urge DJI to change their policy and release the appropriate SDKs. I also urge my fellow pilots to remind DJI that we deserve the proper customers support. After all, this is not an inexpensive hobby. DJi should do the right thing.

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DJI has been bombarded with SDK support from their customers for a long time. Unfortunately, it isnt likely to change their priority for support.
From their own SDK forum website:

I agree, DJI should do the right thing. But, what is right in OUR minds and what is right in THEIR minds dont seem to be the same.

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Personally I think the mini 3 range will be the last consumer level drone to see an sdk

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The new MSDK software layer were announced summer of 2022. Abandoning the MSDKv4 that included both iOS and Android in favor of MSDKv5 Android only. Even Apple lovers are disappointed. Given the share volume of shipped Mavic 3 series it’s not surprisingly that DJI isn’t investing resources.
Now w Mini 4 Pro there’s natively support for waypoint missions which is rather good. Get over it bro :grin::see_no_evil::joy:

Yes and by modifying the Litchi exported CSV to ‘DJI Fly Waypoints’ you can have a real Panorama 360° with the Gimbal at +60° on the Mini 4 Pro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DJI is NOT a faithful dealer. They only think about getting more market quota and do not give a damn about their customers…
I knew the SDK would stop one day… I purchased the MAVIC mini 3 at the time think they would made public the SDK like the Air 2s, but instead of that they did not and would create another Mavic 3 model, more expensive, with their own tool, the Mavic 3 enterprise…
And they have offered us a shitty waypoint tool… complete useless.
Definately they do NOT take care of customers… If they let people try their drones with litchi there would be surely a lot of people that would invest on a more expensive drone

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Fellas, the fact is that recently imposed US government restrictions on ALL Chinese companies are most likely the primary reason that autonomous waypoint missions are no longer possible with all DJI’s newer drones that utilize the DJI Fly app.

That said, we must still be grateful that there exists at least one comparatively new DJI model paired with an SDK that enables it to fly Litchi fully autonomous waypoint missions far beyond the reach of the RC controller’s signal, and that model is of course the Mavic 2 Pro, with its superior Hassleback camera, or the Mavic 2 Zoom, whose camera is only a tad less impressive than that of the Mavic 2 Pro.

I own a squadron of several DJI drones, including three Phantom 3S, one Phantom 3 Pro, a Mavic Pro Platinum, a Mavic 1 Pro, a Mavic 1 Air, a Mavic Mini 3, and a Mavic 2 Pro. If I could sell the entire collection to finance the purchase of several copies of just ONE model, that model would of course be the Mavic 2 Pro, whose range I would then double by acquiring several of those after-market batteries now on sale from Ali Express.

Interesting, so the mini 4 can do multiple actions per waypoint? Does that also mean the mini 4 can have waypoints with no distance or altitude difference between them? If so that is fantastic. Otoh, at least with the Mavic 3 Pro, a work around using built in missions is to have a waypoint that is used to position the aircraft to go to a location, hover for say 5 sec, long enough to cancel, exit mission, shoot a 360 pano, then position to next waypoint, repeat until done. Its not a simple workflow however it works, hmm, dejavu, kind of like shooting 360 panos with litchi with waypoints workflow :).

Concur would like to see DJI release the SDK, however until they do, would also like to see DJI fix a few things with their missions including adding ability to:

  1. Have multiple actions per waypoint.
  2. Shoot 360 pano as waypoint action with option selectable to stich or not stich.
  3. Fly straight lines vs curved lines between waypoint without having to do a lot of messing around with waypoint locations to minimize curves.

Now back to regular programming and time to go fly.

Друзья, подскажите. Mavic 3 pro пульт RC PRO. Я хотел заниматься составлением ортофотопланов, но не могу найти приложение для планирования полетов. Можно ли использовать DJI FLY для моих задач? Или может есть ли какая то альтернатива. Параметры полета я рассчитал и высоту и скорость и т.д.