DJI Spark hangs in the air

I had this happen once in FPV mode a long time ago. That instance the drone was way up there. It would not respond, well within range. Just kept hovering finally pressed the home button snapped it out of whatever it was doing.
I have been deleting the Litchi cache
Today did 2 waypoints. The spark started flew to the first waypoint. Then in both instances did a slow fly away where they would only start going off in the forward direction with a big deviation. Usually running a way point if i want to interrupt, I just start using the controller and the drone responds. Recovered both when the battery ran down. the first i gained control with the controller the second grabbed it out of the air, maybe trying to go home? I noticed on the screen on the top said F-WP which i would assume Following Way Point?

Switch to sport-normal mode. This will give you back control.

I don’t own a Spark but the Mavic Pro 1 is well known for hitting the brakes randomly and then disobeying pilot commands UNLESS all obstacle avoidance sensors are disabled before flights that will be high above any possible obstacles along the flight path.

Under some conditions, those obstacle sensors can inadvertently regard the sun as an obstacle that calls for an emergency stop mid-air. I was completely baffled when that happened twice in a row with my Mavic Pro1.

Yes, it is possible to be blinded by light. Collision avoidance sensors are only needed in cities at low altitudes. If you are flying above the trees in the field, you can always turn them off

Movement and yaw speed will be faster with sensors disabled

Only the infrared sensor reacts on the sun, the spark has it in the front, the drone will not fly forward even with the remote control, but will fly to the side or back, you can turn it around and fly the other side.

how do you turn them off?

so why does this only happen with way points? never happened before, have taken pictures of sunsets with the sun partially up

unfortunately the spark they can not be turned off and it was a partly cloudy day

there was nothing in front of me and the sun was directly overhead

This also happens in follow mode and active track.

Sensors are disabled in the settings menu

SETTINGS menu where what app DJI GO or Litchi?

DJI go Would be my guess…

In any application, these settings

for the spark? please a detailed reply

can’t turn off the forward sensors for the spark. this never happened when flying with DJI GO4 for 3 years only with Litchi…don’t get me wrong I really Like Litchi , the waypoints, have forgo sleep and eating creating way point missions, really a lot of fun, I just think they have some clitches they need to look into

Go to settings and disable