DJI Spark Camera Upgrade: How Easy/Hard to do?

Given the limitations of “Virtual Stick Commands” on DJI Fly Waypoint Missions, and the decent Prices for Spark Drones on eBay ($169 from a highly rated seller), would an Upgrade in Camera be something to consider since the Spark doesn’t use VSC and can do true “Autonomous” Missions? The Flight time would be short but a 2.7K Camera would be an awesome improvement.

Spark takes photos in 4k. You can shoot timelapses and hyperlapses in high resolution.

Battery for dji spark on elements from dji mini2 flies ~ 20 minutes

However, it is most likely impossible to connect another camera to the dji spark

Hello @paxxa, are there different Models of the Spark? Here is the info for a Spark that only has 1080 HD Video Recording? Type:

Ready to Fly Drone


DJI Spark


App Controller, Remote Control, Wi-Fi Connection

Maximum Flight Time:

16 min

Maximum Control Range:

6561 ft (2000 m)

Camera Features:

1080p HD Video Recording, 720p HD Video Recording, Auto Exposure Bracketing

Video recording 1080p. photo 4k

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hyperlapse with a setting of photo capture 0.1s, will be in 4k resolution

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720p is a video cache recording from the dji go4 app.

@paxxa, thanks again for helping me to understand the differences in Camera Quality Settings for the Spark. I am seriously considering getting one very soon!


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Silent screws are used in this video, the same ones are used for mavic air 1

“Silent Screws”? Do these control the noise of the Props or the Gimbal movements?

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