DJI RC Pro Controller

Will Litchi install and run well on the DJI RC Pro Controller?

I have a RC Pro and did DL Litchi successfully. It connects, gimble works but no camera???
Is this an issue with the SDK specifically for the RC Pro or global with all RC’s?
Thanks in advance

The RC Pro is not yet supported in the DJI SDK, so it will not work with Litchi until DJI updates the SDK with RC Pro support: DJI Monitors (Smart Controller, CrystalSky, Phantom 4 Screens) - Litchi

Is there a proposed release date for the SDK?

DJI has not announced a date for the next Android SDK update.

That said, can you verify that the standard controller does work with Litchi Android version and this is a matter of the RC Pro architecture? If that is the case then for now I would be willing to purchase a standard controller to be able to perform missions.

Yes the smart controller has already been tested and is compatible as listed here: DJI Monitors (Smart Controller, CrystalSky, Phantom 4 Screens) - Litchi

Thanks, but I am asking about the standard grey plastic controller used with a phone/tablet, not the old generation smart controller, that comes with the Air 2, Air 2s, Mini 2.
It is compatible?

Let me ask this way.
I have an Air 2S with RC Pro. If I buy the standard RC that requires a Phone/Tablet, Will that work with Litchi that is on my phone currently and all functions of the latest Litchi release will work on my Air 2S?

Once the SDK is released for the RC Pro, I will then use my RC Pro. Until then, I would like to use Litchi with my air 2S with the older grey phone/tablet required controller.

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  • Air 2S is supported using standard Air 2S controller. There is a known issue with the gimbal but it does not prevent using Litchi: Known Issues with current release

  • please be aware that you may need the amazon license of Litchi for the RC Pro when it becomes supported, which is a different purchase to the google license.

  • please be aware that you may need the amazon license of Litchi for the RC Pro when it becomes supported, which is a different purchase to the google license.

Fully aware of that. You also need the Amazon Store APK to be able to download Litchi from the Amazon store. Having the Amazon APK and attempting to download Litchi from the Litchi site WILL NOT WORK.

Bought a standard N1 controller and everything does work just fine.
Is the error in the SDK the fact that the actual gimbal position is not sent to Litchi from the aircraft?
Does the gimbal find zero position by means of current limit zero/home when the gimbal reaches full position, as with a stepper motor end point, or by some type of encoder(s)? Just curious. I have used both types of systems in automation (stepper and servo) and would assume that some people that suffer from gimbal horizon level could stem from mis-counts of gimbal true zero position.

Yes, that is the bug and it will need a DJI firmware update to be fixed. Litchi can and does still control the gimbal by asking it to rotate to a specific angle when needed (for example it asks the gimbal to rotate to -30deg) however speed control is limited as Litchi does not know when to tell the gimbal to stop etc

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quelqu’un à des nouvelles infos concernant litchi-la rc pro et le air 2 s

Sorry we do not have any news from DJI about RC Pro

Merci bien à toi :wink:
Ya u une Mise a jour aujourd’hui , c’est quoi un cardan ?

Version 4.21.3 (16 mars 2022)

  • avec la nouvelle mise à jour du firmware Air 2S DJI v02.04.21.50 , l’Air 2S est désormais entièrement pris en charge dans Litchi pour Android, y compris le contrôle du cardan

C est la nacelle du air 2s

Hello, I use Litchi with a newly purchased Air 2S. I have yet to try all the functions, but I create way point missions and they fly flawlessly. I’m wanting to get RC Pro, and hope that Litchi will be supported soon.

I was using the RC pro with an Air 2s, and Litchi just fine until the firmware update of 10/26/2022. Now I get an ‘unknown error(code:180)’ If fly and litchi are both running, the connection drops every few seconds. If I force stop dji and disable, the motors won’t start.

Dear Michael_K_Randall, I am a user of an Air 2s and an RC PRO, with a Litchi license and I never manage to load it in the RC PRO since I can’t get the APK, and the Play Store does not recognize the RC PRO as a compatible device, if it is not a lot of trouble, I would ask you to guide me to be able to install it in my RC PRO since I see that you have been able to do it, thank you very much in advance.

Ricardo Ramos Carrasco