DJI Phantom 3 VS DJI Mini 2 and waypoints

I have not seen this discussion or question…

I used Litchi for my Phantom 3 Professional for a long time. I know that Litchi uploads a mission to the Phantom 3 and is autonomous after that. No controller communication required.

It appears that Litchi waypoints for the Mini 2 are NOT uploaded, but constant communication with the controller is required. Is that true?

Why is that?

I do not see how a mission is started or what preparation (what position the switches are to be put in: ie. sport, normal Cine, etc) is needed to start a mission for the Mini 2.

Can someone review this with me? None of the Youtube videos appear to discuss this. Maybe they assume it is known.

@eganders, all Litchi Autonomous missions are set to N or Normal Mode. Beyond that I recommend that you completely review the User Guide and look up any topics of interest using the search function in the upper right of your screen. (tap the magnifying glass) Help - Litchi

This is because DJI has chosen to no longer support uploading waypoint missions to the drone in most of their newer models. As a result, companies such as Litchi have no choice but to implement waypoint missions using the “Virtual Sticks” method.

The Mini 2 (and most other modern drones) need to be in “Normal” mode in order to fly Litchi waypoint missions.

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