DJI Mini3 Pro - Litchi Error Code 180

I just purchased this to use with Mini 3 pro (app version 1.9.4) Aircraft Firmware 01.00.0450 - RC Firmware 04.14.0400 - I have Android App Litchi Version v4.26.2-g and It wont take off.

How do I fix this or roll back to another version? or is it the Firmware on the Mini 3 pro

Any insight or help appreciated or how do I get refund at this point?


DJI has not released the SDK for the Mini 3 Pro. Therefor, Litchi (nor any other 3rd party developer) can support it at this time. DJI have said that the SDK for the Mini 3 Pro is scheduled to be released 2nd quarter 2023.

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So I guess I can get refund until this is fixed since it is worthless for me to own and I cannot use at this time?

You should always do your research before buying anything (unless you have enough money to throw away). I had created this “sticky” a while back to help people like you with either the Mavic 3 or the Mini 3 Pro:

As far as a refund goes, I don’t know. You would have to contact Litchi directly and plead your case.


Maybe update your google play product page - that info is not of google play area at all!!!


Wow great company policy - well enjoy the $25 that pays you to be this way to people

Its on the Litchi Help website. What it supports and doesnt support

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Where is “Google Play product page” you are referring to? Can you provide a URL? I’m not sure where to see what you are looking at.

Put text in caps? Why? Do you respond better to someone yelling at you? I don’t.

I don’t work for Litchi. I am here to help people by answering questions and creating documents to help people make informed decisions. Of course, that also requires some effort on your part too – to actually read those documents.


Here’s a screenshot from the google play product page which you OBVIOUSLY DID NOT READ at all…


I committed precisely the same error as the OP here, in that I ordered a Mini 3 the instant DJI announced that an SDK release for the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro was imminent. At the time I simply refused to consider the possibility that beyond-RC signal range flights might NOT be possible even if Litchi gained access to the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro SDK.

Come to find out the SDK that DJI will release for the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro will NOT allow the drone to complete waypoint missions once signal connectivity between the RC controller and the drone is interrupted. I had been seduced by that phenomenal 45-minute flight battery duration for the Mini 3, and therefore, in full wishful thinking mode, I hurriedly placed an order for the Mini 3 due to my own unfounded supposition that Litchi would work beyond signal range with the Mini 3 just as it does with DJI’s older drones listed above by another reader.

If the OP has deep pockets whereby cost is no object I would like to suggest an option worthy of consideration for the “let them eat cake” demographic, which would entail contacting DJI and offering to TRADE IN that Mini 3 Pro for a Mavic 3 costing twice as much, BECAUSE the Mavic 3 is now confirmed to be capable of completing waypoint missions despite RC signal loss, using DJI Flly and not Litchi.

So, OP, I sayeth verily unto thee that if thine hath $1,500 burning a hole in thine pocket, then tarry not and buy a Mavic 3 now, without delay. Alternatively, if the OP is a mere mortal for whom the price tag does matter, he could consider selling the Mini 3 Pro as a nearly new offering, in order to raise the $700 that would cover the cost of the superb Mavic 2 Pro in lightly used condition.