DJI mini skiing trip

ok super quick question because i just don’t understand.

i want the mavic mini i own to follow me as i ski down a slope with my hands full of poles.
so no controler out, no piloting, no phone in my hand or on my wrist,

1: open app
2: connect drone
3: launch drone
4: select ME
5: put TABLET away (critical step)
6: ski down the slope
7: at the END of the slope, land drone and collect

will litchi let my mavic do this?

Sounds like some spectacular footage will result from this ski trip for sure. If you’re in Southern California right now you are one lucky dawg because the snow line is going to be way down to the 2000-foot level by the time this historic winter storm has swept through SoCal over the next couple of days.

I still dream of those nights spent skiing under the floodlights at Magic Mountain West till 10 pm, with light fluffy snow floating down to blanket the runs in fresh trackless shin-deep powder each time I disembarked from the chair lift. Don’t forget your snow chains because you’re gonna need 'em this time, and write back to let us know how the filming went…

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@cynder Look at Follow Mode for Litchi in the User Guide. Help - Litchi
Since the drone follows the GPS signal of your phone or tablet, it must be on your possession in order to work. You should use the settings “Dynamic Homepoint” in order to keep the homepoint updated as you change location and you need to use the setting “Follow Terrain” for the drone to adjust for altitude changes. You may want to disable “Horizontal Movements” to prevent the drone from crashing into trees as it may pan from the side. Also check out prior threads concerning Follow mode by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right side of your screen.

so your saying yes, litchi will let my mavic do this?

steve, so your saying yes, litchi will let my mavic do this?

The short answer is yes. However if you read the User Guide concerning Follow Mode the first thing Litchi suggests is to use it in WIDE OPEN spaces. Until you are proficient and comfortable with how the drone handles stay away from trees. Watch videos of successful flights using follow mode and memorize this part of the user guide.

Here is an example from the user guide of how GPS signal strength can affect a follow mission:
“1. Mobile Device GPS Accuracy/Altimeter: The estimated accuracy of your mobile device’s location, in meters/feet. If this number is RED, it means your current location accuracy is over the “MINIMUM LOCATION ACCURACY” general aircraft setting. In such a case, you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO START Follow. If you are having difficulties getting a good location accuracy, TRY ANOTHER LOCATION or INCREASE the “Minimum Location Accuracy” general aircraft SETTING. Setting the “Minimum Location Accuracy” to a higher value will allow for a BIGGER MARGIN OF ERROR for the mobile device GPS signal, but the follow me movements may be LESS PRECISE” and you might not be centered in the video.

i like short answers, noted :slight_smile:

ill buy the app and play around with it hopefully it works in test runs before i hit the slopes.

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Another thing to bare in mind, is, is the the drone going to be able to keep up with your speed of descent

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There does not seem to be a specific max speed reference in the Follow Section or the Follow Settings. Here is a post concerning Follow Speed from a fellow Litchi forum member:


Mar '22

I once saw the speed of the mini 2 60-64 km/ h. (the speed in the application and it was similar to the truth), for several tens of seconds, in follow mode, in this video (my test video). Follow mode Litchi, mini 2, Saint-Petersburg. Russia. - YouTube . I myself was driving at a speed of 45 to 70 km/h. I was pleasantly surprised by this. True, the drone was flying in the wind) and when I was driving back in the same mode, the drone could not fly faster than 30 km / h. and lagged behind, I had to significantly reduce the speed of the car.

I was thinking that with sking, its not just going to be the horizontal speed you need to consider, but also the vertical speed, say you hit a jump, you’re going to fly up, and then drop

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