Dji mini se problems are does it work for the se

Can anyone tell me thats got a dji mini se if everything works with this app and what dont.

If you have Litchi on android yes it should work fine. For iOS it will be added in early april

Hello Dominic,
I’ve got the mini se & I’ve been using the Litchi app for over 2 weeks. I’ll tell you what I’ve tried so far. This is with a Moto G8 plus.
1- Track/follow My brother-in-law ran around a park and the app followed him perfectly. I plan to try it in the surf but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
2- Pano I’ve tried taking a few panoramic 360 shots with limited success. It does work but I think it largely depends on the software you use to stitch of photos together. I’m using Panorama Stitcher and usually there are a few missing photos when I try to stitch the shots.
3- VR- I had to try this! I had an old VR headset to try this on. It works! I’m not sure if I’ll use it for actually flying though. There are 2 head movements you can use for controlling the drone. To pan the gimbal up and down you just tilt your head up and down. That works perfectly! Also you can also rotate/yaw the drone by turning your head from side to side. I did try this and it does work but I didn’t do it for long.
I’m plan to try a waypoint mission soon but still haven’t tried that.
Hope that helps.

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I have the mavic mini, and the wave points on litch work for the mini. Thanks Don

Also have a look at the ‘Known Issues’ section here: