DJI Mini Pro 3 and Mini 2 RC Controller

I am a little confused, the Mini Pro 3 can be flown with the Mini 2 RC controller… correct? And if so, why wouldn’t Litchi work with it as well? The new Mini Pro 3 RC Controller comes with the DJI Fly App already installed on it… So I can see an issue with getting Litchi installed on the new controller. But doesn’t mean its impossible! Hope autonomous flight comes to Mini Pro 3 ASAP~! Thanks!


You don’t understand the prerequisites to being able controlling the drone. The software layer needed is a SDK. Software Developer Kit. Without DJI releasing such a software access layer no third party apps can communicate with the RC and drone.
Example: it took DJI 14 months to release SDK for Mini 2 after initial product release.

The new DJI smart controller for Mini 3 Pro doesn’t allow ANY third party apps to be installed in their android version. U can only use the stock DJI Fly app.

yes it can be flown with the standard mini 2 controller, but it needs DJI fly version 1.6.1 to do so, and till DJI release the sdk that is used to produce that (probably in about a years time), then you won’t be able to use litchi or any other third party software with the mini 3

The above replies are all accurate insofar as the necessity of an SDK from DJI when using their smart RC for the mini 3 pro.

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