DJI Mini 2 with Apple iOS 15.3.1? Allways disconnected

Hello community. I have a Mini2 and an iPhone XS Max with iOS 15.3.1. Unfortunately I can’t get a connection between the drone and the Litchi app. App always shows “disconnected”. I close all other apps. I even deleted the DJI Fly app once. Even then I couldn’t get a connection to the drone. The DJI Fly app works without any problems. Can someone help?

Best Regards. Rainer

You need Litchi 2.12.0 for Mini 2. Please check the Litchi version in the Litchi settings
You can get it from the App Store directly : ‎Litchi for DJI Drones on the App Store

Yes, I have version 2.12.0. I was loading the Software last week. But why it doesn’t work?

It should work fine normally. Please check following:

vico, is there a way to stop the auto launch of the DJI Gly app.

Not on Apple devices no, on Android devices you can