Dji Mini 2 Signal fail Litchi

Sunday March 20

First ever flight with DJI Mini 2 and Litchi.

I made a short mission to fly in the park to try out the waypoints.

Worked well until waypoint 10 and then the drone went berserk because
of failing signal strength.
The signals were blocked at that point by the large building in the centre of the park.

I pressed the return to home button, but of course there was no signal getting to the drone,
I had to run 80 metres across the field to get the return to home signal connected again.

Watch the signal strength indicators in the top right of the screen, even at 30% signal the
drone gives up.
When the signals are back at 100 % the drone does not pick that up and does not continue the mission.

Interesting that the drone stops at every waypoint that does not include an arc ( waypoint 6 )
even if the waypoint is in the centre of a straight line.

I later flew a straight line mission with out any arcs, and the drone stops at every single waypoint.

If your settings are set to “execute rth” on signal loss. So you don’t have to worry about signal quality.

Set any curved value for this point

Your video shows well how mini2 loses connection at 400m due to city buildings.

It’s really strange, but I got similar problems with signal strength indicators. Already purchased Air2 with Fly more Combo(this one) and can’t believe my eyes. Where do you find info about 400m due to buildings? There is no official information about it in specs for our drones.

And how did you compare between air 2 and mini2?

I’m curious which firmware you’re running on the Mini 2. There’s been some talk of problems with the latest firmware.

Updated to latest.
I don’t think firmware is actually causing any problems, it is loss or restriction of signals
getting to the drone.

I would imagine that a firmware could potentially play a role in signal issues.

I always wait for Tech Drone Media to post their review before applying/installing any updates.

Some users in the comments indicate no issues with the updates, while other are experiencing signal issues and GPS issues.

Not flown mine since updating firmware

The drone was 400 metres away.
The building got between us as the drone was flying the mission.