DJI Mini 2 SE Support is not available

DJI mini 2 se support is not available in the app

When it’s expected to be updated in the app, will it take much time?

When DJI add it to the SDK, which with the mini2 was about a year after the drone was launched

As far as I know, the only difference between the Mini 2 and the Mini 2 SE is the camera. One would not think that this would require any substantial changes to the current SDK. Normally, DJI would be able to add support for this new model to the existing SDK without too much effort. And as a result, Litchi would also be able to support it without too much effort. However, the process is complicated by DJI’s move from SDKv4 to SDKv5.

The Mini 2 is supported in version 4 of the SDK. Newer drones such as the Mini 3 Pro and Mavic 3 E are (or will be) supported by version 5 of the SDK. It is unclear if any development will continue in SDKv4.

As a result, no one knows the prospects of the new Mini 2 SE being supported in the SDK or by any 3rd party software.


Nothing can be done with DJI mini 2 SDK to support DJI Mini 2 SE?

Not unless DJI add it to the SDK

I hope that they will resolve this at some point, I love the app and my mini 2 se, it would be great to have them work with each other

Any update yet? can’t find any solid info :upside_down_face:

Read my post where I explained why the Mini 2 SE is unlikely to be supported by Litchi or any other 3rd party app developer.

Here is what DJI says about supporting the Mini 2 SE with an SDK: