DJI mini 2 not connecting

Dear Sirs/ Madams,

Recently bought a DJI mini 2. Previously used litchi flawlessly with mini 1. Cannot get Litchi to connect to mini 2 for more than 30 seconds, if at all. Have tried reinstall and refreshing defaults. Was so frustrating in the end I’ve gone back to using DJI fly, which, whilst having significantly less features than Litchi, at least maintains a rock solid connection.

It defeats the point of having a drone with 10km range and these abilities when I’m scared to fly further than 50m due to the impending connection loss.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I was a major advocate of Litchi when using the mini 1. So far it has destroyed my experience of using the mini 2.


Mr T

You have to FORCE CLOSE dji Fly before running Litchi.