Dji Mini 2 + Litchi

Have not tried this yet.

If litchi does not upload to Mini 2 as it does with the Mavic pro series,
how do I start the litchi mission for the Mini 2 ?

Exactly the same as any other supported drone.

I don’t have any other supported drone.
Can you explain what do I do to start the litchi mission for the Mini 2 ?

Load the mission, then hit the go button, the joystick commands are then sent to the drone as though you were on the sticks, when the drone reaches the last waypoint it does whatever you’ve programmed it to do, I normally get it to RTH

Thanks for your reply.
That is part of what I was confused about, what do I do with the sticks …
Do I need to touch them at all, or what happens if I touch the sticks during a mission.
Does it cancel or mess up the mission.
Will go outside and try it when it stops-bloody-raining. :anguished:

Maybe you have “sport” mode enabled.
You know about missions, why don’t you know how to run it.

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All my previous missions were Mavic Pro 2.
Mission loads into the drone and it gets on with it.
Now Mini 2.
Missions don’t load into the drone.
I am wondering what will be different.

You probably confused with pro 1.

Litchi on the screen does not write where the mission is loaded.

That’s right.

On the Mini2, Litchi actually “controls” the drone live, using “joystick mode” where it pretends it’s you controlling it.

Works ok if you’re close range. But anything far away, if it can’t connect, or if the connection isn’t great, then the “control” of the drone isn’t great.

May I suggest that, if needed for safety, you take off manually and fly the drone to a safe height. Then on the screen, LHS, you will see and arrow head, press that and Litchi takes over.

That is to avoid nearby trees, building etc. If in a clear space, then just set Litchi in command.

At any time you can take over and fly manually, press the pause button or return to home.

Like the carpenter, think twice, cut once…

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You can start the mission while the drone is still in your hand. Or already in the air.

Plan your flight so that you don’t crash anywhere.

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There will be NO difference at all.
You don’t have to touch the sticks, if you do during a mission nothing will happen.
Exception is the Yaw stick, this will still work when Heading Mode is set to ‘Manual(UC)’.

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Thanks for all the replies, folks.
I will try it all out this weekend.

Err give it a go and find out :thinking: