DJI Mini 2 + Litchi + 5V output from done to power ESP and addressable led strip?


I tried to look if anyone would have already done this but didn’t have much success. This is not actually so much about Litchi but the DJI Mini 2 drone hardware. Anyhow does anyone know if there’s a possibility to get +5V somewhere from drone connectors?

Otherwise, 3.6V would be enough for D1 Wemo (ESP Board) but WS281X LEDs would need to get +5V from somewhere. What I’m looking after is that I could hook up my WLED Controller to the drone and that would control small led bars. This could be triggered as for the example from headlight “on” voltage which would be connected to ESP as a “button/switch” and when lights would be turned on from Litchi it would kickoff preset effect. I’m not looking that much clear light rather than doing some chase et effect on waypoint etc.

The LiPo battery has enough juice for that but probably it would be safer and easier just to burn the drone in a campfire (without battery tho) than trying to interfere with the drone’s main PSU.

Sorry if this question is way too of from Litchi itself but it’s somehow related. :slight_smile:

WLED Project:
D1 Wemo: D1 Boards — WEMOS documentation

Thanks for everyone and Litchi all together being that awesome that it is. And the community also!

This is actually doable with step up converter or my attaching small power bank to drone. Drone lights have 3.6V so just add stepup converter to headers and problem solved. :slight_smile: