DJI Mini 2 Fully Autonomous Flight

I have used Litchi prior with the Phantom 3 using waypoint missions, with the Phantom 3 the app and drone were able to continue the mission even without radio control signal and now that I have tried it with the mini 2 it doesn’t seem to be able to do that since whenever I go out of range it initiates return to home so I was wondering if there maybe was a setting letting the mini 2 to continue the full waypoint mission even without radio control and signal.

All drones build for the DJI Fly App (Mavic Mini 1 and newer) need a constant good control signal between the drone and the remote controller.
This because these drones are controlled by continuous VSC (Virtual Stick Commands) send by the remote controller.

With drones older than the Mini 1, the waypoint mission was uploaded to the drone and therefore could fly by itself.

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Had the same problem yesterday w. my Mini 2 … lost signal, mission suspended, and drone just hovered … fortunately got the RTH signal. WHY IS THIS NOT MENTIONED, IN CAPITAL LETTERS, IN THE MANUAL … AT THE VERY TOP. LITCHI DOES NOT SUPPORT AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT IN DRONES USING DJI FLY APP??? TOOK ME DAYS TO FIND THIS THREAD. Also, the “drone status” changes to “JOYSTICKS” when you start the mission, and I’ve never seen an explanation for that … though I suspect it is trying, ineffectually, to tell you the controller is controlling the drone … WILL LITCHI BE ABLE TO WORK W. DJI FLY TO MAKE FLIGHTS AUTONOMOUS AGAIN?


It’s a decision made by DJI.
Most likely to comply with global rules and regulations.
Just like you won’t be able to fly a DJI drone in restricted airspace / no fly zones (fly safe database).

NOTHING Litchi can do about this.

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Litchi can do pseudo autonomous flights for the Mini2. It utilises Virtual Joystick mode.

If the Mini2 stays within signal range, and does not lose the signal, it will complete the mission.
The Drone Status is showing JOYSTICKS due to Litchi is actually sending the commands directly from the controller. Mini2 cannot store the mission commands in its memory, only older drones can do this.