Dji mavic mini and panorama


I’ve just bought the application in order to be able to do panoramic photos with my mavic mini, but it doesn’t work as expected. When i choose automatic panorama, the drone start to take pictures but never turn. So i have 21 pictures from the same view.

Do you have an idea why ?



That’s odd. Is your controller in “Normal” mode?

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I don’t have this controller. I have a mavic mini black controller

Auto Panorama will take 23 pictures, not 21.

This would conclude you were in Normal Panorama Mode and most likely had the Panorama Width set too narrow or the number of Columns set to 1 or 2.


You had a compass problem, try again after calibrating the compass.

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So I’ve just made a test. 22 pictures will be take on automatic mode. The compas is calibrated. (made before panorama because asked by drone). No rotation of the mavic mini. So I have 22 pictures with only gimbal up down mouvment.

I did some tests with my Mavic Mini but couldn’t duplicate your issue.

If you are on iOS try re-installing Litchi.
If you are on Android install the latest version 4.26.3 released on June 27, 2023.

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Already with the latest version on Android.

What can be the cause ?
I will try to reset application settings and try again

I have not heard of this issue before. When you fly a waypoint mission does the Mini rotate according to the headings defined in your mission?

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