DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise E3

When will LITCHI start working DJI E3 drone?

They already have. The MSDKv5 is currently available (for Android only). Litchi is working on a new app for the M3E. This SDK (v5) is not compatible with the old SDK (v4). Therefore, Litchi is forced to create a totally new app for the M3E.

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Is there a way to be notified when the new app is available? Is there any known timeline for the finished app?

I use Litchi exclusively for my business, and the M3E is such a great aircraft to have in the fleet, but it would be more of an asset if Litchi was available. I have approximately 150 pilots under my business that would also be grateful!


I live in in the Houston,Texas area. Are you looking for another pilot? My contact information is

Mark Hall
Jersey Drone Photography LLC

@Mitch Normally the timeline for Litchi from a new MSDK release to Litchi update is around a year. Since v.5 is a totally new build, it could take longer. As far as notifications about the release date, this forum will be talking about the update for the M3E well before it is actually released once rumor and official statements start to come out.

Hey Steve, I noticed some threads popping up about the M3E/T. Do you know that latest progress with Litchi on this subject?

Thanks in advance!

They are still working on it as far as I know.

Is there a status update on M3E/T litchi support?
is there a point of contact at DJI I need to pester a bit? :wink: