DJI M300 pausing in waypoint mission

for over a year we have been flying the m300 with waypoint missions with great success. last week we started having issues of it randomly pausing and would not allow us to resume. is anyone else having these issues?

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I had a similar issue during an automated photogrammetry flight with a phantom 4 pro v2, the drone was frequently stopping and the mission paused. At the end of the day, and after a lot of pain, I discovered the issue were the propeller’s protecions being sensed like an obstacle, so litchi had nothing to do with it.

It is just a guess, but maybe it is worth to check sensors.

I would like to expound on Stefano’s point because I learned a surprising fact after my Mavic 1 Pro displayed that disconcerting stop-and-go behavior several times during Litchi waypoint missions with the result that I nearly lost the drone twice when the drone lurched to a stop multiple times in rapid succession during Litchi waypoint missions DESPITE the fact that I deliberately DISABLED all obstacle sensors on the M1P so as to attain maximum airspeed and thus maximize distance covered per mission.

Turned out the ALL collision avoidance sensors MUST be fully calibrated for ALL drones which possess obstacle avoidance capability EVEN IF those sensors are turned OFF because if a complete calibration of those sensors is skipped under the presumption that their calibration status ought to be irrelevant whenever all OA had been disabled, the stop and go lurching WILL continue regardless, with the possible outcome that the drone could run out of battery power and go into forced landing far from the launch point.

In short all obstacle avoidance and landing sensors MUST be fully calibrated at all times even for drone fliers who prefer to fly with obstacle avoidance de-selected.