DJI Air2 No photography at WayPoints

Hi Litchi and DJI Air2 pairing please help!
The Phenomenon is as follows ( and it doesn’t matter if it is a planned drawn or any other route)
The drone flies the route, adjusts the altitude to the WPs but refuses to execute the instructions set on the WP!
so no matter if I give it a hold, photo or gimbal tilt… it won’t do any of them!
However if I give it a PAUSE and tell it to go to WP 5 then whatever is set for it there it will do it…
It’s like a path in flight that doesn’t touch WP and therefore doesn’t execute the command…
But specifically, if the arrow flies in a straight line at the same speed at the same altitude , it will not do it either… and then it would have to fly over this WP
What direction should I look for the solution
P.S.: if I set an interval for the photo it clicks of course!

Without seeing your mission, I can only speculate that you have your Path Mode (in Mission Settings) set to Curved Turns.

This is from the Litchi Help site:

Waypoint actions are ignored when the mission “Path Mode” is “Curved Turns” as the aircraft will not stop at waypoints then.

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Read the Online User Guide.

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