DJI Air 2S signal with Litchi

Sorry if this been ask before. But does anyone with DJI Air 2S have similar problem with me when your frequency sometimes switch to 2.4g and you cannot set it back to auto in Litchi. I have this problem with DJI Air 2S sometimes when flying with Litchi when frequency change to 2.4g then after that i cannot set it back to auto or 5g in Litchi. I have to totally close litchi or force stop and open DJI Fly app to change it back to Auto. Using Android with latest firnware for the drone and controller with latest dji fly app.

I fly the Air2s but can’t say I’ve noticed that problem.

The drone has to be turned on and connected in order to be able to change these settings, both in DJI Fly and in Litchi.