DJI Air 2S Litchi Mission Plan Won't Start

I have a Air 2S with the RC-N1 controller, connected to Android. I plan a mission in the flight planner. I then have the drone on the ground, and I have it start. The stop button comes up like it is doing something but, it does nothing. I have tried having it already spun up, in the air, etc. It just doesn’t want to do anything. It is a super basic mission because these are my first time trying to use litchis planner. Like 2 waypoints, and it should just fly to both.
Any advice?

Do you have the controller in Normal mode

Yes sir, I tried it with the controller in every mode.

Have you forced STOP the DJI Fly app? It must be closed (totally stopped) for Litchi to run correctly.

I think I did, I normally do, however I can not say for sure. I will try it in the morning to confirm.