Dji air 2s controller problems

I’m having trouble with the air 2s controller , the left goes up and down and and turns but the right is jaming up and is not going back and forward .Is there issues with this drone ?

Does the controller behave this way with both Litchi and the DJI FLY app?

Hey guys , I tried today my first flight and yes I have the same but I get a warning that the normal mode must be on for the controller and I dont how to do that.
Using a RC Pro atm and is on Android based Litchi .

Tap the text right next to the controller symbol to run through the 3 Modes.

Normal Mode = P-Mode = P-GPS
Sport Mode = S-Mode = SPORT
Cinematic Mode = C-Mode = TRIPOD

Changing Joystick Mode is only possible in the DJI Fly app (Mode-1, Mode-2, Mode-3 & Custom Mode).
Page 35 in the User Manual.

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What i think its weird, in the DJI app its working normal and perfect.
Why is Litchi saying it must be changed… i will check it better .

Or is the waypoint settings behaviour and actions on influence on the controller settings? Maybe i must start just with a waypoint flying and do nothing with actions

The Mode-Switch on the controller has to be in the ‘N’ position.

Thx Tribar. He is in that position always …
I am going to try a little test in my garden .

Hey hi Tribar,

Somehow its ok now. No warnings anymore.
Thx for helping