Distinguish Pano shoots

is there an easy way to distinguish various pano shoot sessions and normal shots? I know that it is not possible for Litchi Android to put them into an separate folder, or name the images (i guess the API lacks this functionality).

Do you know any trick to get some info into the EXIF information?
Yet I help myself that I shoot a photo 90° down before the pano starts, so I can distinguish the panos there. probably a shoot, completely underexposed before/after might also an idea?

It’ll probably handy to have an extra log only for images, the large CSV isn’t very handy.

After a three week of vacation, it is pretty difficult to find the pano shoots.

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I do a time interval of 1 minute. Then the file creation time is different.

But it is better to turn on video recording for 1 second and turn it off

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