Discussion/Suggestion: Showing WIFI Mode on Display during flight

Dear developers,

for my Mavic Mini I would like to know during flight, which band is used at the moment. On the top bar, there is a level meter shown, which shows the signal strength received from the drone. This is great!

As the drone is automatically switching from 2,4G to 5G during flight, I would want to know, when it does.
Maybe you might want to add a little letter besides the strength bar related to the used band, i.e. “2” for 2,4G and a “5” for 5G. There is still space beside the level meter.

This would have some advantage, if for example the revceiver level goes down during flight, one could quickly stick a booster antenna on the default antennas. There are yagi and parabol antennas available.

The problem here: You must know, which one to choose, as they are only working for either one band, 2,4GHz or 5GHz. You cannot use any antenna for both bands!

I know, it is possible, to fix the band in the application, so that either 2,4GHz or 5GHz is used, but this is not, want to do, as I never know before, which band is more stable.

It would be nice, if you could implement this feature, maybe even the possibilty to force a band by switching it during flight manually from 2,4GHz to 5GHz (however, this is just an idea, not sure, this might work at all).

Is anybody else interested in such a feature? Any feedback is welcome.

Best regards and happy flying!


No…and No.
This would not have some advantage.
It is fully automatic.
Users don’t need to know what band is being used.
We don’t need any more distracting clutter on the screen …
Thank you very much.

For wifi controlled drones, this will be the 2.4/5.8wifi icon. For ocusinc controlled drones it will be 2.4/5.8 ocusinc.
What to do with ocusinc2 users? :slight_smile:

Interesting function like dji go. With display of communication channels on the screen with signal quality indicator.