Discover Missions

How can one find a specific mission using the DISCOVER portion of missions? It only lists the last 50 missions and you have to scroll through all of them to find what your looking for, if it’s even there.

If there’s a search function, i can’t find it :frowning:

You can also select the “Discover Missions” icon to see a map view of them all.

I didn’t post my question properly. :crazy_face:

Once a mission is found on the map, how does one download it for your personal use and/or modification?


Just save it with whatever name you choose.

Thanks - sorry to be a pest.


A side note !

In the past I have placed some of my missions on the
Discover Missions page.

But it seems that Discover Missions only stick to the
Discover Missions page while the missions are still on
my Ipad.

If I delete past and used missions from the Ipad that I don’t want
cluttering up the Ipad missions list on the Ipad screen,
this will also delete the missions on the Discover Missions on the
main computer.

We need a separate Discover Missions web page that we can send
missions and their resulting videos to, that is not directly connected and
linked to our Litchi account activity.