Disable hight restriction without gps please

This is one of the main things I don’t like about dji drones. If I want to risk flying without gps I should be able to, it’s my drone. I just hate having to wait for it to update the home point.

All of the DJI drones I’ve flown have all been able to take off before there is a solid GPS lock. I don’t understand people who are in such a hurry because getting a solid GPS lock is the cheapest insurance you can make on your drone, if you remember to set it up to fly back to the place it started from if there is a technical error on your controller.

Regards, Leif.


There are many DJI settings that are stored in the drone and not in the app used to fly them. This may be one of those settings over which Litchi has no control.

You really should always wait for a GPS lock and the home point to be set before taking off. You’ve got to consider the risk vs reward.

And not just the risk to your drone, but also, and more importantly the risk to other non involved people of something goes wrong

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