Deleting missions


we a a organisation which flys over the fields before farmers mow them. We want to search and protect fawns (baby deers) and other wildlife in our village.
We seperated the region in each fields and programmed them for a flight heigh of 50m and 30m each. With this, we have more then 700 missions.

When I need to make changes to all of these missions, I have to delete them out of Litchi to re-upload them again. Now I have to click “delete” and “Yes” on the verification - very time consuming in case all missions have to be deleted.

It would be great to have a ticking-box to click and choose the missions I want to delete.
Is there anything planned to make this more comfortable for users like us?

Thanks and best regards!

No you don’t.
Any changes you make to a mission in the mission hub or in the app will be updated (synced) to the corresponding mission in the app(s) or mission hub when connected to the internet.

He wasn’t very clear about his workflow but I interpret what he is saying is that he is generating these missions externally, then when importing them into Litchi’s Mission Hub, he is unable to replace an existing mission of the same name. This is true. You cannot import a mission and save it using the name of an existing mission.

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Exactly, thanks for clarification. By now I’m uploading 705 missions for the new season. Last year was our first one, we started with 10 km/h and then figured out, 12 km/h will be good enough for our thermal camera, so I had to delete all exiting missions, change them externally und re-imported them. This is why the deleting-process has some importance for us and other users like us.

@Kitzrettung_Holtland ,
For simple changes like mission speed, would it be easier and simpler to make a change like that in the Mission Hub? A speed change can be done very quickly.
Then you could avoid the hassle of deleting and importing again.
Just food for thought.

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