Curves grayed out


I imported a simple KML with 4 points. Some of the turns or points have curves automatically, which I like, but some of the points did not create a curved turn and it won’t let me set a curve for that point in the settings.

Any ideas? Thank you!

For curved turns to appear, you must:

  1. In “Settings” path mode must be set to curved turns.
  2. In the waypoint dialog, “curve size” must have a non-zero value.

Thank you for the response! Unfortunately, I had already seen and checked those things, but alas…

Some ot the corners have curves. The ones that don’t won’t allow me to move the slider or input a value for a curve radius.

Something is not right.

Only 2 points (waypoints) in a 4 points mission can have curves.

The first & last waypoint can’t have a curve because a curve needs 3 consecutive waypoints.

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Ah, ok. Thank you, That’s good to know. I guess if I want a rectangular path I can at more points manually to achieve that.

Thank you for clearing that up!