Curious about the IOS version of Litchi

I recently borrowed an ipad (7th gen) to compare dronedeploy with my mavic pro android vs IOS.

Mostly #fail.

I have Litchi for my android (mostly #flawless). I’m wondering if the experience on an ipad is relatively “the same” as it is on Android? All the same functionality, same(ish) on-screen layout, etc? No consistent reports of glitches / connectivity issues?

Anybody got a youtube video showing off Litchi on an ipad? I haven’t found one yet.

Just doing some research here; if it’s mostly the same, I’ll be purchasing the IOS app.

From the Online User Guide section FAQ:
8. What is the difference between Litchi for Android and Litchi for iOS?
Litchi Magic Leash is currently only supported on Android. Litchi Vue streaming and in-app Pano stitching are currently only supported on iOS.

Search for “litchi on iOS” within YouTube. Plenty of videos posted.

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Thanks! Looks like it’s pretty much identical…that’s good news!