CSV file exports without speed information

When i export a mission as a CSV file in mission hub the speed column shows only zeros.
So if i made different speed in the mission hub between the waypoints and want to use the CSV file all the speed information is gone?

Hi Poul, as far as I know from my Mini2-Litchi-Airdata combination, the csv file always registers the speed no matter which settings chosen. Just like it records gps coords and height etc.
Maybe create a small and simple new mission (up, fly, down) and analyse that? I had a mission that failed once, due to heavy editing. Although that should not matter, the options chosen worked fine after creating a simple test mission. Hope this helps.

Zero means ‘cruising speed’.
Only if you define an actual speed at a waypoint it will be in the corresponding column in the CSV file.

[Yes thank you. I have to get out of cruisespeed to get the speed above xerox in the CSV file]