well Im very happy user of litchi… is fantastic, well sure is not 100% but is on my oppinion 100% better than DJI fly… thats important. There are always ways for improvement,…
some of the 100% bad issues are on my side with options for crystalsky…you would make very happy some big bounch of hardcore older users, if support and work on crystalsky would/could work as it should…
-issue of one more time need to pay- purchase if is similar android platform (again purchase if amazon market place for app/ or google play market<)
-issue of total trouble on litchi instalation from google play store to the crystalsky DJI monitor (huge troubles on non working)
-issue of finding, downloading, installing the litchi from amazon app store to the crystalsky monitor

some people say they managed to make solution to problem of using crystalsky monitor.
I hope that no matter how DJI crystalsky monitor runs on very old android 5 (not possible to upgrade more, hope you will still focus on keeping the support on such old version of android and look to find some solutions. Still support on older hardware, ot devices makes the best companis rize above average companies.

Crystalsky is very outdated in terms of hardware (performance wise it is slow) and of course it runs android 5, so we would not recommend using it. That being said because there is quite a lot of demand, we will try to reinstate support for android 5/CS in the next update

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Yeeees I love you already for Going EVEN to try this… thats the spirit of company, that people can and will adore
Even Iif i do understand this is not easy.
Also it is not in producers interest
BUT …THE FACT IS … It would made a very
very big bunch of people out here EXTREMELY HAPPY.
It could make litchi even more favourite brand and favour software product, it can also make dji hate you a bit more, but as long as users love litchi thats it.