Create custom Quickshots using Waypoints and then quickly place them anywhere on the map with just the APP

Create your own custom quick shots using waypoints, save the file (as presets with names like dronie, boomerang, cablecam) and then quick load and place anywhere on the map.
It would be nice if it also had a timer function… 3,2,1, GO. and that custom presets could be shared between Litchi users.

Much of this can already be done by creating such a (Quickshot) mission and then making it public. Others can then download your “Quickshot” mission and use the “Move”, “Scale”, and “Rotate” features of the Mission Hub to place the mission wherever they wish.

Can I do all that from the APP?

I think that it would only be necessary to include an option when loading a previously saved waypoint that asks us if we want to place the mission in another place and be able to place it in our new location or slide it to another place on the map

Those functions are only available in the Mission Hub.

For that reason I think it would be a very good idea not to depend on a laptop. I travel a lot to other countries and I don’t usually carry a laptop and not all places have internet or a good connection.