Crashing on IPAD air

loading waypoints from the hub and try to edit lets crash the app on the IPAD!

I don’t have an answer to your question. I successfully run Litchi on both an iPad Pro and an iPad Mini(v5). I have also used many iPhones. I have seen reports of others successfully running Litchi on iPad Airs.

Did this just start happening or has it always done this? Have you tried the standard stuff like force-closing all other background apps, rebooting, etc.?

I made a very short movie you can watch on You-Tube
[Litchi on IPAD]

(Litchi on IPAD - YouTube)

  1. I load waypoints
  2. I try to edit a waypoint (touching the waypoint on the screen)-> see what happens

I hope it helps. If you need more information let me known.



Found an entry on the net from 2017 that Litchi crashes on IPAD when Bluetooth is on. I turned off Bluetooth on the IPAD-> no crash, I turn it back on, Litchi crashes again. Surely this is an approach to troubleshooting?


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Excellent troubleshooting. That should help narrow down the cause.

I use an iPad Mini(v5) for flying. I always have Bluetooth turned on because I use it to connect to my iPhones hotspot. It’s weird that Bluetooth seems to only affect the iPad Air.

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