Course lock for DJI Fly drones

i really do miss the course lock mode for my mavic air 2s.
specifically when i do filming, i like to use the easy course lock mode (which used with my mavic air).
is there any reason why it is not visible in the litchi app when i fly with my new mavic air 2s?
hope it can be added in a future version.

Course Lock in Litchi is only supported for drones that natively support it (in the DJI app).
Have a look at your other post about course lock:

as far as i knew the mavic air does not support course lock in the dji-app.
in litchi, there is an option for course lock for the mavic air available.

The Mavic Air has Course Lock and Home Lock.
They can only be activated when the drone is in the air.

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I initially purchased Litchi to have Course Lock for my Spark. Now that I have a Mini 2, and it’s not present, I don’t find myself using Litchi. I am not sure what Course Lock is such an under rated feature that is placed below others. The technology is there, and should be an easy addition since RTH on DJI Fly DOES Course Lock. I would really like to see this added and hope others that do as well will also vote for it!

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As far as I know, drones that run on the DJI Go app have it, while drones on the DJI fly app do not.

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