Convert Litchi mission to You Tube format

Another newbee question … how can I turn my Litchi mission into a format that can run on You Tube?

This is probably an old topic but could not find a link on the forum

Thanks in advance for any help …

Perhaps you could clarify what you mean.

You create a mission. You fly and record that mission. You take the video file and optionally post-process it. You upload it to YouTube.

Is that what you are asking?

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Yes … I don’t know how to “make a video file” and proceed from there to upload to YouTube

Don’t understand how to “post process” …

Sorry for all the dumb questions …

Step 1: Record video using your drone.
Step 2: Take the microSD card out of the drone and stick it into a card reader and transfer the video files to your computer.
Step 3: Use video editing software to organize your raw data into something you want to present on YouTube. There are numerous video editing software options. I use Davinci Resove but I would not recommend it for beginners. You will need to do some research to figure out what software works for you.
Step4: Upload your processed video to YouTube.

I know this many not help you but those are the primary steps. Perhaps someone else may fill in some details.


I have the mission stored on the computer in a MP4 format

I think I have it figured out using Openshot>export

If it does not work I will be back … thanks for your help!

Thanks again for your help … uploading to YouTube now